About Me

About myself I am Henry Rollie.  I like to think that I am a dedicated, self-disciplined person.  To me, self-discipline means I think first about my words and actions then make choices which are right for myself and for others.  With self discipline, I accept that things do not always go my way and that I will finish my work before I play.  Perseverance and responsibility are parts of my makeup also, I make sound judgments and  take care of things belonging to myself.  I show more responsibility when taking care of things belonging to others.  Fairness is another trait of mine.  I will take turns, share and listen to what others have to say.  I will take only my share and play by the rules.  Finally, I think that being a good student has never meant always getting an A. Oh, of course, I like A's, love them.  But I work hard and receive a B or even sometimes a C and I still think of myself as being just as worthy as an A student.  Because I believe any good student is simply one who wants to learn and who studies hard to make himself/ herself better.

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